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Quant Reason(Math & Stat/Log) & Quant Intensive BS
This is a continuation of MATH 4010, but deals with a different part of the mathematics curriculum. It is a content course that gives teachers a better understanding of topics in geometry appropriate to Grades K-6, including measurement, symmetry, geometric shapes, congruence and similarity. The course presents ideas from an intuitive perspective that prepares teachers to discuss geometry with children, and from a computational perspective to enable teachers to work with students to calculate distance, area and volume in both customary and metric units, measure angles, construct figures, and more. A brief discussion of topics in statistics and probability for Grades K-6 is also included. See the Utah State Core Curriculum at Teaching methods pertaining to this material are discussed in EDU 5360. The Mathematics Department is additionally requiring that the prerequisites for this course be taken no more than one year prior to registration.