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Learn the basics of studio lighting in this hands-on class. Beginning with a simple and affordable one-light setup that can be used in a home studio, instruction will advance to a complex, multiple-light set. In the process, you will be gain an understanding of the differences in lighting modifiers (umbrellas, softboxes, reflectors, grids, etc.) and when to use them. The first two meetings will be demonstrations; week three, you will have the opportunity to photograph a model in the studio using your own camera. You'll leave the course able to set up a multiple-light studio and achieve professional lighting results. Prerequisite: A film or digital SLR camera equipped with a "hot shoe", and Nuts and Bolts (LLART 193), Digital Photography I (LLART 115) or take our quiz: go to or call 801-587-5433. Please be familiar with the workings of your camera.