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Delve into the creative side of Photoshop! Use the tools and applications learned in Photoshop Levels 1 and 2 to create amazing effects. Learn to: turn a photo into a painting; make montages; capture jet streams or wisps of hair; use photo merge; design picture borders and create fading edge effects; extract photographic elements; swap backgrounds; make shadows; insert an image into type; make touch-ups such as whitening teeth and eyes; restore a torn photo; create duotones, tritones, and sepiatones; make words turn into ice or steel; change clothes or hair color in a photo; colorize a photo; combine black and white and color elements in the same photo; make lightning, stars, and steam, and more! With the use of filters and advanced techniques, your work will stand out from the crowd! Completion of Photoshop Levels 1 and 2 or instructor approval is required.