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It doesn't rhyme with 'shine' or 'fine' but it does rhyme with lean, mean awesome machine! It's a zine: a miniature magazine, a tiny tale, a compact artifact. Here's your chance to make one of your very own. In six days this workshop will take you through the basics: What's a zine? How are they made? Who makes 'em? Why make 'em? Learn a brief history of small and alternative press, basic bookbinding and printmaking techniques and then get your hands dirty- create your very own ZINE! Materials will be provided, but students are encouraged to bring anything they think should go into their zine (recycled paper, found objects, old envelopes, candy wrappers, old boring homework, etc). This workshop will culminate with students 'tabling' at the 5th Annual Alternative Press Festival held at the SLC Main Library on July 13, 2013.