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Social/Behavioral Science Exploration
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A wealth of studies from around the world document an astonishing fact: At leash half of you WILL BE an entrepreneur for a not inconsequential period of time in your life. Many of you will simply be self-employed and work as an artist, a contractor, a consultant, or in other professions. Others will try to start and operate a small business with three to five employees. On average, about 1/3rd of those who try will succeed in establishing an "on-going business." So, the statistics suggest that this could be one of the most important classes you take at the U! The purpose of this course is to help you learn about entrepreneurship and the various ways in which it shapes your life. We do so by engaging you on two levels. The first is that we take a conceptual look at entrepreneurship as a phenomenon. That is, we will investigate entrepreneurship from a theoretical and historical perspective, and learn what is, why it exists, and hot it has shaped evolution of society and the fabric of everyday life. The second is that we will teach you how to develop and test business ides. Research has shown this is THE crucial entrepreneurial skill. You will have hands-on opportunities to practice hypothesis development and rapid testing, and will be taught how to properly evaluate the date. Finally, we will use this knowledge to identify ideas that leverage your personal skills and interests, and learn what you, as talented U graduates, can do to help build, direct, and support the entrepreneurial spirit within our community.