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Prerequisites: Masters status in the School of Business OR Instructor Consent.
Information technology has become increasingly critical to organizational competitiveness, as it is deeply entrenched in almost all aspects of a firm's business. Effective deployment and use of technology can greatly enhance firm performance through effective analysis, planning, and operations with increased efficiency and agility. However, managing the fast-expanding information technology is challenging; many organizations struggle to effectively assimilate their business strategies/operations and technologies. This course provides MBA/PMBA students with (1) fundamental knowledge of information technology, established or emerging, and its exciting business applications; (2) a sound understanding of key issues and challenges surrounding the investment, evaluation, use, and management of information technology in various organizational settings; and (3) in-depth analyses of select best practices of information technology utilization, implementation, or management in different sectors. This course covers data management, business intelligence, business process management, Web technologies and digital transformation, enterprise systems, information security, and IT investment management; it offer a balance between technical knowledge and managerial/organizational issues and is anchored from the perspective of mangers, technology and business. Lectures and in-class discussions are the primary teaching methods, augmented by business case discussions, in-class labs and demonstrations, guest presentations, and individual assignments.