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2.0 - 12.0
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Prerequisite: INTMD 7200 and PED 7010 and SURG 7020.
Acceptable to fill sub-internship requirement. Designed for senior students who are interested in the care of critically ill children outside of the neonatal age range. While it is largely intended for students who are pursuing a future career in pediatrics, other students may be interested in the course materials. The student will function as a sub-intern, admitting and caring for children admitted to the pediatric ICU at Primary Children's Medical Center, performing history and physical examinations, writing daily notes, and presenting patients on attending rounds. On-call responsibilities will be every fourth night, in-house call is mandatory. The student will be permitted to do technical procedures within the limits of their abilities and the exigencies of patient care. The educational emphasis is on the pathophysiology of critical illness in children, especially the recognition and therapy of acute respiratory failure and cardiovascular collapse. There also will be considerable exposure to pediatric trauma.