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2.0 - 12.0
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Prerequisite: PED 7010 Pediatric Clerkship.
The main objectives of the elective are: (1) accurate interpretation of physical findings in diagnosis of cardiac diseases in children; (2) knowledge of the clinical features of common cardiac conditions, especially those of the newborn (cyanotic newborn and neonatal congestive heart failure); and (3) accurate interpretation of electrocardiograms. Students will attend clinics and conferences, make ward rounds with attendings, assist with inpatient consultations, and read ECGs. Students will become familiar with cardiac ultrasonography (M-mode, 2D, and Doppler) as it applies to common anomalies. Students have the option to be called in for emergencies and assist in cardiac catheterization. Students may attend the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Clinic on Wednesday (2nd, 4th, 5th) at Red Butte Clinic. Each student is expected to devote full time to the elective.