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Prerequisite: ECON 4010 or all of the following: ECON 2010, 2020, 3250, and knowledge of college algebra. (With the instructor's consent, ECON 1010 may be used instead of 2010, 2020). Recommended Prerequisite: ECON 3620.
Meets with ECON 5250. Graduate students should register for ECON 6250 and will be held to higher standards and/or additional work. Air, water, and ground pollution; public policies to reduce pollution (including taxes, quotas, and tradable permits); destruction, valuation, and protection of natural environments and the species within them. The United States and other nations are considered. Also exploitation and depletion of nonrenewable energy and mineral resources; equity between different human generations; natural reproduction and human harvesting of fish and trees; extinction of species; entropy, thermodynamics, and the prospects for perpetual economic growth.