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Prerequisites: MBA 6001.
This class is the second of a two part series (the first course being 6001). This class should be taking during the second year of the MBA Program (or 5th semester for dual degree students) during the semester that the student expects to complete the last of the company encounters (info session, local visit, study trip) and associated papers. This course is designed to give MBA students exposure to a variety of companies and industries through on campus company information sessions, on site local company visits, and an out of town study trip. The students may choose from a variety of weekly information sessions and local visits to meet their specific interests. Each encounter (info session, local visit, and study trip) will require a short debrief paper highlighting how the encounter has affected the students career goals, interests, and aspirations or affirmed his/her goals. Students should enroll in this class spring of the first year in the MBA Program and at the end of the semester the student should have completed their second set of 5 company information session, 3 local company visits, and 1 study trip and all associated papers.