Course Detail
Course Components:
The goal of undergraduate research is primarily to learn first hand about how research is conducted by faculty at the University. Secondarily, for students to contribute in a meaningful way to a research project and, if possible, to submit their work fro publication. Students who expect to apply to graduate school, as well as those who are planning on a senior thesis, should strongly consider taking this course. Students will design a research plan, meet weekly with their faculty mentor, and then be expected to present a summary of their work at the end of the semester. Students will often work more hours than normally expected for a lecture course. Often a faculty member will agree to hire the student who is enrolled in this course. It is the student's responsibility to identify the faculty member and get their permission prior to enrolling in this course. Students who successfully complete 4940 should consider taking the Bachelor Thesis course in the following semester. Permission from the Director of Undergraduate Studies is required to enroll. (Note: CS 4940 falls under the special elective category when being considered toward graduation. See the student handbook for details.)