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Prerequisites: PhD Standing OR Instructor Consent.
This seminar will be for a total of 13 weeks. This seminar is designed for doctoral students who are interested in conducting empirical research on issues or topics related to information systems (IS). The main objectives are (1) to summarize the evolution of IS as an academic discipline, (2) to survey some methods commonly used in empirical IS research, and (3) to appreciate some major streams of theses in current empirical IS research. Students will read a collection of sentinel or representative papers that analyze/investigate specific individual, group, organizational and societal level phenomena surrounding the development, use, deployment and implications of information systems using different empirical methods. Course assignments include reading and discussion, preparation of paper reviews and complete a partial research paper (including completion of the required IRB forms for subsequent data collections) and presentation. By completing this seminar students should be: 1. able to describe the field of empirical IS, including key research streams or themes, top journals and conferences; 2. familiar with classic research articles & leading research in empirical IS research; and 3. able to understand the process of conducting empirical studies in the IS area.