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Prerequisite: NURS 7610, 7611 (prac. I), 6020, 6101, 6115, 6105.
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Community Engaged Learning
Meets with NURS 7613. The second in a series, this course offers opportunities for nurse midwifery and women's health nurse practitioner students to increase their: understanding of the philosophy and role of the independent practitioner, application of didactic knowledge and use of clinical skills in the ambulatory setting. Students apply didactic knowledge and clinical skills in the provision of women's health care throughout the life span. In the ambulatory setting, students will increase their expertise (built on their foundation from NURS 7610 / NURS 7611) in assessment, diagnosis, and development and implementation of a plan of care with an emphasis on abnormal philosophy, role and care during the intrapartum period with an emphasis on normal intrapartum. They work under the close supervision of faculty/preceptors. This is an Credit/No Credit course.