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A kickstart for Windows users who want to learn Linux. This course covers installation methods, directory structure and file systems, creating user accounts, and setting file permissions. You will learn basic Unix commands and how to work with files, change settings at the command line, handle remote administration with SSH, and file transfer with SFTP, as well as how to use built-in help resources, including online documentation resources. Also covered is using Linux as a utility to fix problems with Windows workstations, Windows file sharing with Samba, TCP/IP setup, DHCP, time synchronization, print serving, TCP wrappers, Apache web server setup and customization, and FTP. Additional topics include how to automate tasks with Cron and set up a simple mirror-style server that can be used to backup Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. This class is based on Fedora Linux, although the principles may be applied to most distributions. Previous Linux experience is not required. You may also take this class non-credit by registering for Edtec 511-001 and Edtec 512-001. For more information, please call 581-6061. Special fee includes course materials and two vouchers for certification exams.