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Entrepreneurship is both an art and a science. Many visionary entrepreneurs chalk up successes to "gut instinct" (e.g. Steve Jobs). However, entrepreneurs who implement scientific methodologies to make data-driven decisions can dramatically increase the probability of achieving success. The purpose of this highly collaborative, discussion-based course is to empower students to create entrepreneurial solutions by applying the scientific method. The course engages students on three levels by; 1) Exploring entrepreneurship through the lens of the sciences. 2) Analyzing the processes and behaviors of innovative scientists and entrepreneurs (Charles Darwin, SpaceX, Isaac Newton, Spotify, etc.) in generating unique solutions to problems facing society. 3) Applying the scientific method to create their own entrepreneurial opportunities. Students will work in teams to extensively research, analyze, and create their own prototypes that they will present to local entrepreneurs, faculty members, VCs, and industry experts at the Entrepreneurs Fair.