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Embark on a most excellent quest as Club U gets medieval on your summer! Travel to a land that time forgot and learn lots along the way. Travel the triassic when our magic school bus drops us with the Dinosaurs at Thanksgiving point. Become enchanted with all sorts of amazing activities. Ponder a precious potion that you concoct with our apothecary. Train with our master swordsman to ensure that your fencing skills are on point, or train your tip so that your pen is mightier as you cultivate your calligraphy skills in expressing yourself. Proudly display your Coat of Arms by dressing up as a noble knight, mighty maiden, or a witty wizard in our fabled Castle Day build off. Don't let the enchantment wear off - you will need your strength to vanquish the tremendous trails up the magical, majestic mountain they call Timpanogos! Believe the hype - this is a week of epic proportions!