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Blast into orbit and prepare for an out of this world experience as Club U expands beyond the ordinary summerverse! Climb aboard our transportation station and warp yourself into the cosmic coolness of Clark Planetarium! Discover your scientific superpowers as you look through the tremendous telescope with campus astronomers. Make your own mythology by studying the stars and all their configurations. Ponder the origins of existence by learning about comets and other awesome earth elements that help humanity in meaningful ways. Stretch your imagination to new dimensions by creating your own super heroes in a clever comic book or concoct your some crystalline kryptonite to keep foes at bay! Its an amazing week that all leads up to a trip through the wormhole into Get Air trampoline gym, where all of the Club U Super Squad will gather in defiance of gravity! So assemble your astronaut outfit or your cape and cowl, this camp has so much fun it will make you howl!