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So sad to see the summer slip away, but let's have one last blast and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! This week is pulling out all the stops and not even trying to catch our breath with all the awesomeness in store! Defy gravity by ascending the mighty platforms at Kearns Oruirish pool and soak up all the fun you have been thirsting for! Re-live some of the summer's most sought after activities such as canoeing, fencing, engineering and other aquatic delights to be had by all. Spend time in and under the water as you visit Club U's local waters as well as the Living Planet aquarium for an up close encounter with the life aquatic. Midway through the week, gear up to get down with the coolest carnival around! Play all your favorite carnival games, cool off with a snow cone, and surf down the slip and slide for a chance to Dunk the Director! But Wait! There's More! We couldn't send you back to school without at least one more awesome adventure, so find your flippers and roll up your beach towel one last time when Club U takes over the beaches of Cowabunga Bay!