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1.0 - 6.0
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Prerequisite: Instructor's Consent.
This seminar will emphasize application and practice as we continue to examine the feminist multicultural underpinnings of feminist multicultural counseling; the formation of a respectful, egalitarian client-counselor relationship; and how to conduct sociopolitical analysis of the issues clients bring to counselors. Assessment, diagnosis, client conceptualization, and the therapy from a feminist multicultural perspective will be addressed. Students will be expected to engage in ongoing self-reflection and exploration as we continue to explore the intersections of gender with race/ethnicity, class, disability/ability, sexuality, age, physical/psychological/mental status, and other aspects of our own and others' lives. This seminar is open to interns and practicum students at the Women's Resource Center or with special permission form instructors. On several occasions during the year the seminar will combine for a joint session with counseling/clinical staff and interns of Rape Recovery Center (RRC).