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Discover the magic of whole grain sourdough and your baking will never be the same! Naturally leavened bread is not only a remarkable medley of flavor and texture, but is more nutritious than bread baked with commercial yeast. We will start with a wild yeast starter crafted from two simple ingredients: flour and water. The care and feeding will be demystified to ensure your starter is packed with flavor, leavening power and beneficial enzymes. Next, we will dive into whole grains with techniques to properly ferment wheat gluten. Then, we will craft an amazing dark country sourdough boule. You will handle the dough throughout the process to understand the time/temperature balance for optimal fermentation. Steam baking completes the process for an unforgettable crisp crust and moist and chewy crumb. Learn about the fascinating world of natural leavens and long fermentation, and bake your own wild yeast creations - starting with baking the dough in your own home that you developed and shaped in class! Previous experience baking yeasted breads recommended. Class is limited to 10.