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The Bar Method is an hour-long total body workout that combines isometrics, interval training, dance conditioning, and sports rehabilitation to quickly and safely burn fat and carve muscle. Classes are high intensity, non-impact, and composed of eight to nine exercises that work muscles to total exhaustion, followed by stretches to change the shape of the muscle. This combination creates a long, lean, firm, sculpted body. With regular practice students can expect to firm muscles, increase flexibility, reduce body fat, improve posture, and increase stamina and energy. New students usually begin to see changes in their body within the first 30 days of consistent classes. Workout pants to the knee and socks are required. Cost of class buys an unlimited 30 day pass. Activation starts the day of the first class. Visit to see a list of classes and times. You need to reserve space for classes in advance by calling 801-485-4227.