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Join Club U for some spring break fun! Experience the awesomeness of Club U during the school year! Get a little taste of what the summer has in store as you explore the outdoors, discover scientific feats, have fun with your friends, and challenge your brain all at the same time! Explore all that history has left behind in the Beehive state and beyond as you navigate and explore the Natural History Museum. Frolic in the fields and gaze at the grandeur of the gardens when we visit some scenic spots around campus and prepare your brain propulsion centers to engage with some spectacular scientists! Get ready to blast off from our planet and explore the universe as you fly far, far away with the Discovery Space Center! Next up on the space fleet docket: the splash zone! Get ready to slap on that sunscreen and wade in the water as you dream about the summer to come. We are all set for an amazing week of fun and learning, all we are missing is you!