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Prerequisite: Member of Honors College.
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International Requirement
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Honors Course
In this age of globalization, today's leaders will need to display an understanding of political, economic, and cultural global forces and acquire the necessary skills to manage those forces, especially within organizations such as businesses, non-profits, and governments. Leaders of these organizations will be called upon to identify priorities, obtain necessary resources, implement policies, and collaborate across borders in order to achieve results, all the while being challenged by these global forces. The International Leadership Academy explores these theme in theory and in practice. What does it mean to be a leader in this era of complex global issues, rich and varied cultures, and technologically interconnected organizations? The first half of this course examines leadership from different theoretical perspectives and focuses on key concepts associated with leadership. The second half of the class specifies the types of leadership in different organizations (businesses, non-profits, and government) as well as examines different kinds of issues (global health, global environment, business, security, etc.) and how leaders address them. Students will have the opportunity to work individually with mentors from the community. Also, students will practice leadership as they design and implement group projects.