Course Detail
0.5 - 5.0
Course Components:
Special Topics
Upon graduate student request, special seminars may be taught by the following faculty in the areas of indicated specialization: J.M. Bartley, structural geology; J.R. Bowman, isotope geology and metamorphic petrology; F.H. Brown, geochronology and petrology; R.L. Bruhn, structural and engineering geology; T.E. Cerling, geochemistry; M.A. Chan, sedimentology and stratigraphy; D.S. Chapman, heat flow and regional tectonics; A.A. Ekdale, invertebrate paleontology and paleoecology; S.L. Halgedahl, rock magnetism; R.D. Jarrard, downhole, geophysical measurements; P.W. Jewell, hydrology and fluid dynamics; C. Johnson, sedimentology, tectonics; W.P. Johnson, geological engineering; B.P. Nash, igneous petrology, volcanology; J.C. Pechmann, earthquake seismology; E.U. Petersen, economic geology; P.H. Roth, micropaleontology and paleoceanography; G.T. Schuster, reflection seismology; R.B. Smith, seismology and tectonophysics; D.K. Solomon, geological engineering, hydrology; F. Tonon, geological engineering, uncertainty modeling; M.S. Zhdanov, geophysical field theory.