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The Professional Medical Coding and Billing program prepares students for the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) and Certified Professional Coder (CPC) certifications. Topics studied include reimbursement methodologies, biomedical sciences, and current code sets. Enrollment includes ebooks, codebooks, and a voucher for one of the certification exams. This curriculum has a 3-part program design: Foundations. This first section of the program will teach you things like computer fundamentals, the health information management process, and reimbursement methodologies to ensure you thoroughly understand how medical coding fits within healthcare and have the basics down. Biomedical sciences. In order to correctly assign codes, this section of the course teaches medical terminology, anatomy, pathophysiology, and pharmacology, from a coding perspective. Code training. This final section of the training program introduces all of the different code sets and their use. You will practice coding actual medical records and reports (provided by our employer partners) and use the 3M encoding software so you have lots of hands-on experience and graduate ready to earn your credential and start working.