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Clicker training is a clear form of communication used in positive reinforced training and is a safe, effective way to teach an animal any behavior. Originally used with marine mammals during shows and veterinarian procedures, it is now commonplace in teaching zoo animals to be handled by keepers and vets. Your own four footed friend can learn not to pull on the leash, come when called, and perform all sorts of cool tricks! This class is not intended to correct serious behavioral issues with non-socialized or reactive dogs. Your dog must be people and dog friendly. Do not bring your dog to the first class. On the second and third nights only, please have your dog in a flat collar or harness, on a 5-6 foot leash, and please bring plenty of very small soft training treats for your dog. Please no choke chains or prong collars. Special fee covers clicker and treat bag. Class is limited to 8.