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Prerequisites: Full Major or Minor status in the David Eccles School of Business OR Member of the Business Scholars program OR Full Major status in Chemistry with Business Emphasis.
Marketing primarily deals with customer-focused business issues that can determine the success of failure of a firm. In this course, we teach the "language of marketing," introduce the core concepts of effective marketing, and discuss the various factors that influence marketing decision making. We will concentrate on key business decisions concerning product attributes, promotional campaigns, pricing strategies, distribution efforts, market segmentation, and strategy formulation. We also present a framework for understanding the factors that affect a marketer's decisions and the role of marketing in a small businesses, corporations, and society. You will better understand these topics through some combination of lecture, textbook material, case discussions, videos, guest speakers from industry, and discussion of current marketing issues. This course is for Business Majors and Business Minors, Non-business majors are encouraged to take MKTG 3000.