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Get excited about math! Ultimate Math Mash-up will use Zane Math to advance your math skills and teach you how to apply these skills to the real world! Start the camp with an assessment to identify which concepts you already know, and which concepts you can improve on. Zaniac will generate a customized curriculum for the week that will challenge you to creatively solve problems in small groups and work through tough problems on your own. Daily feedback on progress from Zaniac instructors and scanned worksheets are confidentially posted online to keep parents involved in the learning process. After the academic component, head out onto campus and into the city to put your math skills to work. Follow in the footsteps of architects and engineers as you plan and create a contraption. Discover the math foundation of video games and write your own code. Get hands on experience in science as you explore the mysteries of chemistry and physics. This is the most in depth math program Youth Education has ever offered and it is sure to be a great experience for all!