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Prerequisites: "C-" or better in ((ART 2201 AND ART 2202 AND ART 2203 AND ART 2204 AND ART 2205 AND ART 2206 AND ART 2207 AND ART 2208 AND ART 2400) OR (ART 2200 AND ART 2250 AND ART 2300 AND ART 2350 AND ART 2400)).
Meets with ART 3031. An exploration of methods of cutting images in wood and printing them on paper, including black and white multi-block color, rice paper, and mold-made rag papers, press printing, and hand burnishing. Woods include solid pine, birch ply, mahogany ply, and others. Insights into the field of printmaking in general. Emphasis on continuing development of the relief print. Evaluation based on a portfolio of work plus general energy and involvement. Students buy a set of Japanese tools (unless they have adequate tools).