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Prerequisites: "C-" or better in (CS 3505 AND (WRTG 3012 OR WRTG 3014 OR WRTG 3015 OR FA 3600 OR HONOR 3200)) AND Full Major Status in Computer Science.
During their last two semesters, senior Computer Science students form teams to develop significant software projects. This class is the first semester in the sequence. Seniors will work on team formation, project identification, project planning (including UI design, software architecture, testing methods, scheduling, etc.), and completion of a system prototype. This course will provide teams with time and guidance to effectively plan their projects, as well as emphasizing the written and oral communications necessary to succeed in industry. Projects formed in this course must be completed during the following semester in CS 4500. Students should have four or less CS electives/required courses left when signing up for this course and should be graduating during the following semester.