Course Detail
Course Components:
Meets with: ECS 7823. The course focuses on the critical analysis of the social, political, economic, and cultural factors that have historically impacted the K-16 education of immigrant students in the United States. Topics may include legal and policy issues, historical perspective, bilingual/multicultural education, and teacher preparation. The course will explore questions such as: How have schools played a role in the experiences of linguistically and culturally diverse immigrant students in the United States? How have immigrant students and their families overcome and negotiated the marginalization that exists in the U.S. educational system, culture, and policies? How have students of immigrants negotiated their identities to be successful in the US educational system? Overall, we will examine both historical and contemporary efforts by educational institutions to address linguistic, cultural, and religious practices, race and academic opportunities in relation to a variety of immigrant communities. The course includes a community-learning component that requires students in the course to collaborate directly with immigrant students and families in the Salt Lake City area.