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Upper Division Communication/Writing
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Honors Course
How can you change the world? Behind every revolution are the words that drive and shape it. Change does not simply happen, but becomes inspired by and understood through a Rousseau, Paine, Hamilton, Madison, Marx, Anthony, King, Friedan, Havel. Revolutions are not accidents of history. They begin with passion and ideas and those ideas are given voice, which then give shape and purpose and unity to the people to make them real. In this course, we will examine texts of various genres and media to explore the activism (from social justice to economic justice to gender equality and beyond) that turn revolutionary dreams into reality. We will study the essays, fiction, poetry, music, and art of revolutions past and present. But this history is not dormant, but rather serves as our guide. Through your own creative writings and essays, we will seek to contextualize, imagine, reimagine, energize, and actualize the revolutions of your own making. The change you want to see, in other words, starts here.