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Prerequisites:"C-"or better in ((ME EN1000 ORCVEEN1000)AND(MATH1210 OR1250 OR1310 OR1311OR APCalcAB of 4 OR APCalcBC of 3))AND Intermediate Major status in (MechEng OR Engin). Corequisites:"C-"or better in (PHYS2210 OR3210) OR APPhysC:Mech of 4+.
Introduction to computer programming with applications to the analysis, modeling and control of engineering systems. Basic programming concepts including data types, operations, loops, conditionals, functions, plotting, input/output. Advanced tools including symbolic math, image processing, and graphical user interfaces. Basic components of mechatronic systems, including actuators, sensors, microcontrollers, and mechanisms. Introduction to C programming for microcontrollers. Team final project applies microcontroller programming to interface with real mechatronic system. Lab exercises: MATLAB programming, microcontroller programming, constructing/characterizing/controlling simple mechatronic components and systems.