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Prerequisites: "C-" or better in (MATH 1220 OR MATH 1320 OR MATH 1321) OR AP Calc BC score of 4+) AND (CHEM 1220 OR CHEM 1221) AND (CVEEN 2010 OR ME EN 2010 OR PHYS 2220 OR PHYS 3220 OR AP Phys EM score of 4+).
Introduction to neutron-based engineering will provide the students with fundamental understanding of basic principles of neutron interactions and neutron transport. The course will address the application of learned concepts regarding nuclear reactors designs and operation and the use of the state-of-the-art numerical simulation methods to model neutron behavior in different reactors. The uniqueness of this course is that the students will model the TRIGA reactor using these state-of-the-art numerical simulation methods, visit the reactor and see how it operates, thus be able to compare the numerical data with the real data ensuring that students will learn fundamental principles and concepts of neutron-based engineering with the hands-on-experience. Web based experiential interactive tools are available.