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Prerequisites: Full major status in Occupational Therapy.
This course explicitly highlights self-awareness and interpersonal communication as integral to personal and professional development, working with other professionals and therapeutic use of self with occupational therapy clients, students, families, and populations. Learners will have the opportunity to identify strengths and areas for development in interactive and intersubjective communication skills during lab and life experiences. This course provides an introduction to the use of groups as a means of intervention across the full spectrum of occupational dysfunction. In considering the group as the method of service delivery, students will explore the appropriate use of group interventions within an occupational framework, drawing upon various occupational therapy practice models. Students will develop skills in observing various components of group structure, dynamics, process, development, roles and using activities and group process as a method for enhancing individual development. Students will develop group leadership skills by participating in group activities, developing a group protocol, and running therapeutic group.