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Decades before Pandora, Alexa, karaoke and YouTube fairly drowned the public in millions of recorded songs, families and friends often gathered around a piano in the parlor and sang select songs of the day and the enduring tunes of yesteryear. "The Simple Joys of Singing" is an invitation to revisit that bygone era and group-sing a wide variety of songs accompanied by Osher instructor K. Wayne Egan on the piano. The playlist will cross diverse idioms of well-liked music, including songs made popular by a range of performers from Sinatra to the Beatles to Hank Williams and more to boot. Egan will lead participants in open and casual sing-along. Course participants will learn key points about the historical background of the songs, leaving the bulk of the time to be spent performing the songs as a group of singers and listeners. Students may choose to sing along or just to enjoy listening to the rest of the group.