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The course goal is to instill a creative habit of doing art--with a small "a"--as Danny Gregory describes in his book, Art Before Breakfast. Students do not need previous drawing experience and all levels are welcome. We'll sketch without a lot of stuff, starting with a sketchbook and a pencil/pen. As you go along you will want to expand your supplies to include water color pencils, a brush and maybe crayons, but we'll continue to keep it basic. After the first class, we will meet in parks and urban locations. Each class will start with a short lecture and then everyone will draw with individual help from the instructor. The rest of the class will include drawing outside (weather permitting). Bring a sketchbook, pencil/pen, and portable chair. An example of the type of sketchbook that is a good size with the proper weight of paper is the Moleskine Art Plus Sketchbook (5 x 8.25). Art Before Breakfast is useful, but not required.