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No war has been as devastating nor as avoidable as World War I. Statesmen created a diplomatic system of the most fragile sort, and in the process created consequences beyond comprehension. The Great War showcased the disparities between emerging technology and military doctrine. The frontal assault that had been the bedrock of military actions for centuries produced unimagined casualties when pitted against the technologies of machine guns, rapid fire cannon, and airplanes. This lecture series focuses on specific events and campaigns, but even more on the decisions and their results. We will examine the pros and cons of the major decisions, the factors in play, and why the final decisions were as they turned out to be. Topics we will discuss include but are not limited to: The Roots of World War I; The Schlieffen Plan; Technologies and Tactics; The Yanks are Coming!; Major Campaigns, West and East; and Coda: Harvest and Seeds.