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Part of the Degree Plus Certificate Series, the goal of this certificate program is to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career as an operations analyst. Students will develop an understanding of both service and manufacturing environments. They will be introduced to key business concepts used by operations professionals including benchmarking, dashboards, lean manufacturing, quality control and key performance metrics and ERPs. Students will learn about how operations professionals play a critical role in helping organizations achieve and sustain profitability and growth. They will develop an understanding of the tools available for financial management and strategic decision making including P&L statements. The certificate includes a rich overview of the fundamentals of project management, process management as well as the communication, listening, and teamwork skills needed by operations professionals. Significant classroom time will be spent on learning applied business statistics and data analysis in excel including modeling for decision making. Finally, students will participate in a comprehensive capstone project that will utilize the skills and knowledge learned in the class. Guest speakers will play a key role in introducing real business situations and solutions into the classroom.