Course Detail
Course Components:
The Introduction to Emergency Medicine elective for 3rd year medical students teaches the general principles of Emergency Medicine through the management of both the ambulatory and the acutely ill or injured patient with life or limb-threatening conditions presenting to the ED. Examples of such conditions are chest pain, trauma, burns, drug overdose, strokes, seizures, wounds and sports injuries across the age spectrum from infants through children to adults and the elderly. During the rotation, students will be excused from clinical duties to attend weekly Resident Conference that occurs every Wednesday from 8am-1pm. Students will be loaned an introductory Emergency Medicine textbook. Textbooks and Internet access to various on-line medical education and reference sites are available in the ED. The majority of the learning experience will center on the student's active care of his or her patients in the Emergency Department. Procedures, such as laceration repair, paracentesis, central line placement, fracture/joint reduction/relocation, may be performed by the student under supervision as dictated by their patient's condition.