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Prerequisites: A "Pass" in Surgical Sub-internship.
The Senior Surgical Anatomy Seminar will provide an environment, with didactic, practical, and hand on components, in which senior medical students who will be matriculating into a surgical specialty can learn surgical anatomy and its relevance to the treatment of disease processes commonly seen in general surgery. Participating students will meet for two hours every two weeks with an attending surgeon form the Department of Surgery at the university of Utah School of Medicine. Faculty surgeons will spend one hour giving a clinically oriented lecture on a specific area of the body, i.e. foregut. These lectures will include surgical anatomy with its relevance to the surgical treatment of specific diseases, i.e. stomach anatomy and the treatment of peptic ulcer disease, esophageal anatomy and the treatment of peptic ulcer disease, esophageal anatomy and the treatment of achalasia, etc. Each lecture will include pertinent surgical procedures and how they relate to the anatomic area discussed. On a provided cadaver, the students will then have the following two weeks to perform dissections of the area discussed using surgical principles under direction of Dr. David Morton and his teaching assistants. For example, dissecting the inguinal anatomy much like a surgeon would do in performing an open inguinal hernia repair. The other hour will be spent reviewing the dissections from the previous lecture along with Dr. Morton and the faculty surgeon. Dr. Morton and his assistants will have additional dissections that the surgeon and students can evaluate. The students will have a brief practicum on the previously assigned regions including an oral examination of the anatomy.