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Prerequisites: "C-" or better in ((MGT 3680 OR MGT 3681 OR MGT 3600) AND Full Major or Minor status in the School of Business) OR Leadership Studies Minor status OR Instructor Consent.
This course focuses on the following: A) Students will be made aware of the demands that emanate from stakeholders and are placed on business firms. B) As prospective managers, students need to understand appropriate business responses and management approaches for dealing with social, political, environmental, technological, and global issues and stakeholders. C) to have an appreciation for ethical issues and the influence these issues have on management decision-making, behavior, politics, and practices. D) To help students to understand that the entire question of business's legitimacy as an institution in a global and diverse society is at stake and must be addressed from both a business and societal perspective. E) To assist students to understand that the increasing extent to which social, ethical, public, and global issues must be considered from a strategic perspective is crucial in such courses. F) To enable students to become more knowledgeable and effective contributors to groups and organizations in which they participate. G) To develop insight into the multi-faceted nature of ethical behavior in business, exploring the conflicts that arise from such aspects as self-interest, power, incurred obligations, competition, and fair return, diversity, stating the truth, rights of individuals, and rights of management. H) To develop a consciousness for management's responsibility in the resolution of key problems facing society, such as ecology, racial discrimination, urban blight, financing education, efficiency in government and international relations. I) To assist students to develop personal guidelines on how to handle ethical conflicts.