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Each class in the series will focus on a Utah Opera production during the company's season. In the class, you will learn historical background of the opera and will have the opportunity to listen carefully and get acquainted with the beloved musical moments. Each class has been planned so that participants may sit in on some of the rehearsal process in the opera production studios. This is a productive way to prepare to have a fantastic experience attending a performance of the opera in the Capitol Theatre, and to appreciate all of the work that goes on behind the scenes. Romeo and Juliet share no fewer than four irresistible duets throughout this opera, with the final heart-wrenching harmonies occurring in the tomb just as Juliet awakes and Romeo breathes his last breath. Whether you cheer for Team Capulet or Team Montague, this performance will unite all who see it in vigorous applause. Opera 1: Opera Preview: Gounod's Romeo and Juliet Utah Opera Production Studios 3rd floor learning center Class members are invited to sit in a while on the staging rehearsal after class ends.