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Prerequisites: "C-" or better in ((ART 2201 AND ART 2202 AND ART 2203 AND ART 2204 AND ART 2205 AND ART 2206 AND ART 2207 AND ART 2208 AND ART 2400) OR (ART 2200 AND ART 2250 AND ART 2300 AND ART 2350 AND ART 2400)).
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Community Engaged Learning
This is an internship to develop students' competencies as visual arts educators in school or community settings. Under the supervision of an instructor and a community supervisor, students learn knowledge and skills related to various aspects of visual arts education. First-hand experience provides students with a deepened understanding of the art education field. Please note: this is a service-learning course and has a required four hour per week service commitment.