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Diversity & Soc/Beh Sci Exploration
In the 21st century, when a celebrity with no prior political experience can be elected President of the United States, we might think this is a "new" state of affairs. Yet, celebrity is centuries old, reaching as far back as ancient Greek athletes. This course examines both the present and (some of) the past of celebrity, particularly in the context of sports, politics, film, music, television, and YouTube. The course considers issues such as fan adoration/disdain, media industry practices, labor, marketing, narrative, the body, and the definition of the human subject. Throughout, the course emphasizes how celebrity intersects with and produces various aspects of social identity, particularly gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, and dis/ability. This is a multi-disciplinary course, building a nuanced understanding of celebrity by thinking across fields such as psychology, sociology, political science, economics, communication, gender & sexuality studies, and film & media studies. Meets with FILM 6235.