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Explore art in France after the age of Louis XIV - the Age of Enlightenment, Science and the beginning of Industrialization - Rococo art and reaction to Rococo; Neoclassicism -- and the French Revolution as well as Neoclassicism in England and the United States. Learn about Angelica Kaufmann, Jacques Louis David, revolution, Jefferson, and American Neoclassical art and the impact of politics and literature in France and Spain. We will discuss Gros, Ingres in France and Francisco Goya in Spain 4, plus French Romanticism 1800-1850: Gericault, Delacroix and the rivalry with Ingres. Romantic landscapes and social message: Constable, Turner, Thomas Cole, Bierstadt and Church. Our final class will discuss Photography, Marx, social change and Realism -- and moving along the road to Modernism.