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Hands on class using found images from magazines, newspapers, old books, old photos, cloth and other found objects glued to paper, canvas, or other types of base material. You will be creating new images from these found objects. What can be more fun than creating a work of modern art using found objects, scissors, glue and paper? We will follow in the footsteps of the George Braque and Pablo Picasso from the beginning of the 20th century and many others such as Matisse and his cut-outs as we explore this art form. Absolute beginners and more experienced Osher members are welcome. As you choose shapes, colors and textures you compose a new image. Each shape interacts with the others around it opening new possibilities as you compose your image. We will explore starting without a preconceived plan and see where our objects lead us, letting the objects give us suggestions. It's lots of fun. Bring scissors, rubber cement and if you want a couple of magazines for cutting and pasting to the first class. Additional materials you might like to use will be discussed in the first class.