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This class examines the historical genesis on capitalism in Europe in the late medieval and early modern time period and the transformation of Christianity that was occurring at the same time. Most scholars agree that the relationship between the two was very important but differ as to the direction of causation -- some arguing that the change in religious beliefs was an important cause of the creation of capitalism while others argue that the advent of capitalism was the single most important cause in the transformation of religious beliefs. We will discuss the types of economic organization that existed before capitalism and discuss the importance of the institutions that came to characterize capitalism. We will also discuss the difference in the religious beliefs of these two eras. The discussion of religion will NOT be a discussion of the "truth," "validity" or "holiness" of any theological doctrine or church. Recommended readings/texts: Excerpts from Hunt's book, Property and Prophets. ISBN: Max Weber, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. ISBN: Richard Tawney, Religion and The Rise of Capitalism ISBN