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Age Faster! What? Yes, this is a play on words. Of course we really don't want to "age" faster, but we do want to go through the aging process with the ability of our bodies to move faster physically as we age. Being fast as we age will allow us to do the things we enjoy, traveling, laying with grandchildren, recreating and recovering quickly from a stumble to avoid a fall. You will learn: ● Why we move slower as we age and how we can reverse it. ● Why the way we are exercising now might be doing more harm than good in terms of aging. ● How is it that we are stuck in the conventional "cardio" mode of exercise. ● How to get the exact same benefits (actually more and will explain) of exercise in 1-3 minutes versus 50 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly! ● What different protocols to use for exercising in a fraction of the time. If you have any interest at all in moving better, faster and saving a ton of time while reaping all the benefits of exercise then you might want to sign up to Age Faster! Please note: members will be asked to get up and down off of the floor. Please bring a stopwatch (can use your smartphone).