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Three instructors will take turns leading this course. Tim Brown, a native of Salt Lake, is President/CEO of Tracy Aviary and received a wildlife biology degree from the University of Vermont. Cooper Farr is Tracy Aviary's Director of Conservation and received a Masters in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University. Bryant Olsen is a Conservation Scientist at Tracy Aviary and the 2018 Utah Birder of the Year. Each class will visit a different section of the Jordan River Parkway. Classes will involve waking the parkway as we look for and learn about the birds of the Jordan River and other wildlife. Students will learn about the history of the river, it's ecology, and future plans. The parkway is relatively level and paved. Students will learn about and experience a few sections of the 52 mile Jordan River Parkway. They will also learn about the Jordan River ecosystem and many of the birds and other wildlife that use the river.